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Some recordings of my talks

Conferences and Workshops

  • 56th SEICCGTC (Boca Raton, USA). Talk: 'Bipartite treewidth'

  • 29th KIAS Combinatorics Workshop (Busan, South Korea). Talk: 'Bipartite treewidth'

  • KPPY 97 (Daegu, South Korea). Talk: 'Delineating half-integrality of the Erdős-Pósa property for minors'

  • GRASTA 2023 (Bertinoro, Italy).

  • 10th Slovenian Conference on Graph Theory SiCGT 2023 (Kranjska Gora, Slovenia). Talk: 'Universal Obstructions in Graph Minors'

  • CanaDAM 2023 (Winnipeg, Canada). Talk: 'Universal Obstructions in Graph Minors'

  • 1st Workshop on Twin-Width 2023 (Aussois, France).

  • MATRIX-IBS Workshop: Structural Graph Theory Downunder III 2023 (Creswick, Australia).

  • SODA 2023 (Florence, Italy). Talk: 'Excluding a single-crossing matching minor'

  • FOCS 2022 (Denver, USA). Talk: 'Killing a Vortex'

  • GROW 2022 (Koper, Slovenia). Talk: 'Killing a Vortex'

  • ICGT 2022 (Montpellier, France).

  • S70 (Lyon, France). Talk: 'The Permanent & Matching Minors'

  • GRASTA 2022 (Porquerolles, France). Talk: 'On tangles cops & robber in digraphs'

  • Directed minors and graph structure theory 2022 (online workshop). Talk: 'On the relation between butterfly minor structure theory and matching theory'

  • EUROCOMB 2021 (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain / Online). Talk: 'The Flat Wall Theorem for Bipartite Graphs with Perfect Matchings'

  • CALDAM 2020 (Hyderabad, India). Talk: 'Parameterized Algorithms for Directed Modular Width'

  • Kolkom 2019 (Paderborn, Germany). Talk: 'What is a Directed Tree?'

  • Cycles and Colourings 2019 (High Tatras, Slovakia). Talk: 'Colouring Non-Even Digraphs'

  • Eurocomb 2019 (Bratislava, Slovakia).

  • WG 2019 (Vall de Núria, Catalonia, Spain). Talk: 'Cycle Width and the Grid Theorem for Perfect Matching Width of Bipartite Graphs'

  • Kolkom 2018 (Paderborn Germany). Talk: 'On perfect matchings in uniform balanced hypergraphs'

  • GRASTA 2018 (Berlin, Germany).

  • WG 2018 (Lübbenau, Germany).

  • SGT 2018 (Sète, France). Summer School

  • Hamburg Workshop on Graphs and Matroids 2017 (Sprötze, Germany).

  • PhD Summer School DM 2017 (Rogla, Slowenia). Summer School

  • SiGMa 2017 (Waterloo, Canada). Talk: 'Generalising Directed Graphs in Terms of Perfect Matchings'

Organisatorial Activities

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